Dream Residential Plots in Mangalore

galleryhilltop1Mangalore city is now becoming king of real estate destination as there is tremendous growth over last one year. Lot of condition matters when you decide to invest in Real Estate Properties whether it is plots or villas or flats. And one major thing to be consider is location where you want to start your new life. The location of plot in Mangalore where you choose to invest not only affect your life style but also increases resale values.

In Mangalore the demand for residential sector has become more because of growth in the field of industrial as well as IT sectors. In this situation the scarcity has raised for Residential plots in Mangalore. In Mangalore you have plenty of location where you can invest in plots or flats and have luxury stay. Gurupura is one of such location where you can get affordable plots in Mangalore by leading Real Estate Builders with all modern amenities.

Redrocks Hilltop in Gurupura, Kaikamba is one of the residential project by leading Redrocks Builders and Developers where you can get beautiful plots with well amenities which perfectly matches your taste. You can call it as golden place of Mangalore city because it is just 2 km from IT Park, 1 km from Church, 1 km from Temple, 5 km from International Airport, 1 Km from School and just 14 km from Mangalore city. Amenities are of high standard. The plot is provided with wide road , bore well and Corporation water, Children play area, Water drain, Over head tank, Sump tank. The plot is located at pollution free area which is surrounded by Greenery and layout is designed completely as per Vastu. Redrocks builders and developers Mangalore offering these beautiful plots in a best price which you never dreamed off. This is the golden opportunity for one who wants to invest plots in Mangalore.

Real Estate Investment is the King of Investment

Builders and Developers

From last few years, Builders and Developers have becoming king of investor and the people have been showing interest in investing their earnings for better returns. Government, along with financial corporations and banks, also is encouraging people to do the investment. There are many investment options such as mutual funds, gold, stocks, fixed deposits, bonds and real estate. Among them, people are preferring real estate builders and developers for investment because of the lower risk factor. Thus, real estate investment is popularly known as the king of investment.

One of the prominent real estate builders and developers in Mangalore says, “A city like Mangalore provides a good opportunity to the people for investment in real estate sector. Mangalore has everything that a person needs to lead a vibrant life. Hence, everyone wants to own a house in Mangalore. The demand has boosted the “builders and developers in Mangalore” to build series of marvelous residential projects in and around the city. However, along with the intention of enjoying a city life, the people invest in flats or independent houses in order to gain huge profit in return.”

There are many benefits you can reap by investing through real estate builders and developers. The major ones are –

  • You will have your dream home where you will enjoy the city life to the fullest. There are many renowned builders and developers in Mangalore who deliver quality homes at affordable price.

  • You will gain huge profit when you decide to sell your home. The demand for apartments and independent houses in Mangalore has been on raise for last few years. Hence, you can expect a better return by investing through Real Estate Builders and Developers.

  • You will get tax exemption from the government. The government has a soft corner on real estate sector since it is one of the main contributors to GDP. As a result, the government has granted tax benefit to the investors so the real estate industry could expand more.

These are the reasons that have made the real estate investment as the king of investment. Most of the real estate builders and developers in Mangalore like Redrocks Builders and Developers provide guidance in proper investment of your money in real estate. Hence, make up your mind to invest in real estate industry and be ready to encash the profit in return.

How To Increase the Resale Values of Your House


One of the difficult tasks in real estate industry is the resale of a house. As each year passes a house’s monetary value reduces due to use, wear and tear or obsolescence. This is called Depreciation. The depreciation value is more in coastal cities and towns like Mangalore because of the humid climate. As a result, most of the owners find it difficult to sell their houses in Mangalore at their estimated price.

You can sell your flats in Mangalore with increased value if you consider some tips which assist you in upgrading your home. The tips are as follows –

Do small improvements – Replace old faucets, lighting and doors with the attractive ones. Upgrade furniture, decorative items and artworks that render an appealing look to your flat.

Keep your house clean – This is a simple but effective way to increase the value of your home. The cleanliness creates a positive image of your house in a buyer’s mind. In addition, there will not be a maintenance issue when you sell it.

Give your kitchen a facelift – You can add new tiles, paint the walls and polish the cabinets. Use stainless steel for chimney and hob, and other appliances rendering a metallic look to your kitchen. In addition, take hygienic measures to keep your kitchen clean and safe.

Revamp your bathroom – Fix new faucets and add under-mount sinks. Use attractive granite or marble for the countertops, and it is recommended to use wall mounted lighting instead of overhead lighting. Install a high quality heater and shower with body sprays. More importantly, remember to keep your bathroom clean, especially the tiles.

Care for miscellaneous things – One of the main reasons that depreciate the value of flats in Mangalore is the negligence of owners towards miscellaneous things that should be taken care of. Call a plumber and an electrician to check and fix the issues regarding plumbing and electricity connection. In addition, painting the walls with appropriate color combination will also increases the resale value of your house.

It is assured that the houses for sale in Mangalore will fetch high price for the owners, if they seriously consider the above tips before reselling them. After all, a house has been considered as an investment that generates profit in return.

The Importance of Paying Property Maintenance Charges Regularly For Apartments

CF-191-300x239Regular property maintenance charges are very essential in order to maintain an apartment complex or building. If you are living in an apartment, then you have to pay a certain amount of money monthly as maintenance charges to the housing society. This maintenance fund will be used by the managing committee in order to keep the apartment building functioning. The apartments in Mangalore by “Redrocks Builders and Developers” have managing committees formed by the respective housing society members. The residents of apartments in Mangalore have to pay the maintenance charge like everywhere else. Usually the flats in Mangalore include the following charges in a monthly maintenance charge. They are –

  • Property taxes

  • Water charges

  • Common electricity charges

  • Contribution to Repairs and Maintenance Fund

  • Expenses on repairs and maintenance of the elevators

  • Sinking fund charges

  • Service charges

  • Car parking charges

  • Interest on the defaulted charges

  • Repayment of the installment of the loan and interest

  • Non-occupancy charges

  • Insurance charges

  • Lease rent

  • Non-agricultural tax

  • Other charges

The sum of monthly maintenance charge varies from one apartment building to other. No matter what, it is your duty to pay the amount as a responsible member of your housing society. You will be able to enjoy the benefits that your apartments building offers when you pay maintenance charge promptly. Failing to do so may result in undesirable consequences such as prohibition from utilizing the facilities like swimming pool, parking space, security etc. Above all, the housing society will find it hard to keep up the proper maintenance work because of your monthly maintenance charges overdue. At the end, it will badly affect the resale value of your flat.

The residents of flats in Mangalore by Redrocks Builders and Developers Mangalore know well the responsibilities as the members of a housing society. Hence, the “apartments in Mangalore” are well-maintained and bring fortunes to the owners when they sell. That is why you have to pay the monthly property maintenance charge promptly.

Book Your Dream Residential Apartments in Mangalore



Any form of investment is a subject of calculation and taking the right decision. And when it comes to investment in real estate, our care becomes moreRedrocks Builders and Developers in Mangalore can help you with this invest on budgeted residential apartments in Mangalore.

The developing market in Mangalore will promises good return to your investment. At Redrocks Builders and Developers, we give you residential apartments in Mangalore near beautiful places of Yeyyadi with best offers. Over the period of time, the demand for budget apartments in Mangalore has gone high . This is the right time to invest in a good property and we will help you to choose it.

Redrocks Builders and Developers has its properties in different parts of Mangalore where Yeyyadi is one of the most sought after destinations for residential investment. The budgeted apartments for sale in Mangalore near Yeyyadi also ensure you comfortable lifestyle at an affordable price.

With Redrocks Tonalite a luxurious residential apartment in Mangalore, you will get top-class high quality modern specification & amenities with beautiful architectural design. In Redrocks Tonalite everything is perfect. 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK apartments available from 500 SqFt to 1050 SqFt with best prices. Redrocks Tonalite offers 2 BHK flats in Mangalore @ Rs 20.49 Lakhs. This project will be complete on October 2016. We always preferred to delight our valuable customers. You will be close to Derebail Church, schools, hospitals, temple, airport and offices. It is located in the lush green and mesmerizing confines of the Bluberry Hills at Yeyyadi, off the Airport Road also boasts of attractive features of infrastructure and connectivity. The environment is perfect and its one of the best spots for residential stay in Mangalore.

At Redrocks Builders and Developers in Mangalore, you can find a long list of innovative and affordable residential apartments in Mangalore. Enjoy luxury at an affordable price in your dream city. To know more enquiry here

Low Budget Decorative Tips to Style your Small Apartments


Don’t you wish to live in a luxurious home with decorative rooms and sprawling veranda by looking your lovely garden ? It sounds like living in a paradise where your dream come true. While a small apartment with magnified decorative world will be a really dream for super cool families and Y generation folks living in a urban areas like Mangalore where space is a major constraint. To own a apartment in Mangalore will be a big dream for some of you. Along with decorating a apartment according to your budget is really a challenging thing. But it is not imposible as you follow these 3 simple logic : Real, Simple and Practical. Here are some decorative tips for your beautiful home that not only gives look to your small house but also help to go easy with your budget.


Dark color gives confined look to your house. So paint your walls with light colors to reflect more space in your home.


Make your house look attractive with vertical striped and light colored curtains to add height to your rooms. Accessories them with stylish tie backs, rings or clutches.


Ditch the bulky wooden furniture for lighter ones made with wicker or wrought iron. It would be a great idea to buy tall pieces of furniture or those with multiple utility and storage options such as sofa with bed, bed with drawers, wall mounted dining table/study table, multi storage cabinet etc. In the living room, you can even completely go with sofa. Along with nice colored stylish rugs which gives look for your floor. Nice colored pillows and bed spreads also gives different look to your furniture.


Find more innovative and smart ways to add storage space to your small apartments.

A wall shelf/cabinet to display your artifacts or books.

An attractive container or bamboo basket on the refrigerator to store nick knacks.

Wall hooks or suction cups to hang your keys/belts/clothes/napkins.

A document holder to put documents/magazines/newspapers.

Cabinets below sinks in bathrooms.

Wall mounted television.

Can keep unnecessary things in a separate Cupboard.


Minimal Accessories enough to do wonders in small apartments. The only thing is, we have to do it in a smart way.

Swop heavy frames and work of arts with plastic frames or collage paintings. Use mirrors to show reflective space in your home.

Hang wind chimes or lamps from ceilings.

perhaps you can simply set your hands free to create a wall décor art. Or hang our some beautiful art paintings on your wall that perfect matches your paint color.

Old stuff lying around the house, you will surely find something useful to accessorize and add a personal touch to your home nest.


Spot lights or small lamps are best suited to space constrained homes. These not only look attractive but also diffuse light evenly across the rooms.

Go Green

The cheapest and the smart way to add spark to your small apartment is to place beautiful plants and flowers in your living room, kitchen or balcony. A sure shot way to brighten up your home as well as mood.

One last valuable tip for for your small homes: Always keep it clutter free and organized. Keep your home clean and tidy and do it your work yourself.

Work smarter way and get your beautiful designed apartment within your budget. Redrocks Builders and Developers in Mangalore offers you dream apartments in Mangalore with all modern amenities and architecture.Later you can enhance with above mentioned tips. To know more Visit Apartments in Mangalore.

Best Garden Design Ideas For Your Beautiful Villas

LandscapeIf you are looking for inspiration in garden designs, who wants to buy  Villas in Mangalore, you have come to the right direction. This post will give wonderful garden ideas for your Villas which you dreamed off. You will find a variety of garden styles along with photos for reference. The right garden accessories and plant species can set the tone for an incredible outdoor atmosphere, an invigorating place for your guest to retreat. You can work on a memorable gardening adventure yourself with this ideas. Designing your garden should be a fun, relaxing experience and ECO-Garden-Ideas-3make your house a beautiful paradise. Green labyrinths, cobblestone pathways, small ponds, water fountains, colorful flowers and small round trees flanking your way around the yard- these are all elements that makes your Villas in Mangalore, a attractive one. After all, there is nothing like enjoying a fresh morning surrounded by your own green refuge, or spending some well deserved time off in the afternoon, after a long day’s work which will give you full relaxation to you mind. Here I  suggested you  best ideas to design your house who wants to buy  Villas in Mangalore with beautiful garden designs.

Plan Your Space Carefully in your Villas

backyard-flowersSmall Gardens need to be planned with as much, if not more, care than large ones, so take your time. Decide for perfect place first and plan it properly. Think about how you want to use your garden throughout the year; note where the sun falls during the day as this will dictate your sating and plant choice.

Practical and Stylish in Your garden design for your perfect Villas.

Colorful-and-Beautiful-Garden-Flowers-DesignIf you have a corridor-type-garden that also serves as the main route to your front door, it can still be as visually attractive. Choose perfect plants that grow slowly so you do not constantly have to cut your way down the path. Fragrant Plants, or type of ones that give scent when brushed as you pass by, would also be a good choice; the scent will be all the stronger when caught in the confined space.Choose your plants which has colorful flowers in it which attracts the people. Choose perfect gravel path for garden from your Villas in Mangalore.

Grass is Good and attractive for Villas

A Lawn, however small, is a pleasing and comfortable thing, but the worry is that it is high-maintenance.Grass greenery will look attractive also and make you relax which feels for some one for sit long time in a Garden. It will give look to your house also.

Perfect Placement for Garden

25-Garden-Design-Ideas-For-Your-Home-14Even the bleakest of outdoor spaces can be given a sense of style until you have the time or the budget to do more. A good quality set of Garden Furniture, carefully placed to look good within the space , will instantly improve the look of your garden and make you feel a whole lot better and make you to spend time in Garden more.

Plant Trees

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATrees are important to our existence and the planet.They provide oxygen so that we can breathe. So plant as many as possible. In a small garden it is a matter of choosing the right variety to fit your space. Make sure you know what sort of soil your garden has. Is it heavy clay, sandy, light and free-draining, chalky or acidic? Also, make the most of the confined space and use varieties that will emit fragrance.

Keep Things Simple

Simple ideas work best in small spaces: control the number of plants you put in (remember to choose dwarf or slow-growing plants) and limit the number of features and materials you try to incorporate. Present your garden in attractive manner.

Living walls

backyard-flowersLiving or green walls are an ideal solution for places where space is limited; they are decorative, verdant and depending on your choice of plants, can be colorful too. Very importantly, they are the urban gardener’s friend, helping to keep homes cool, absorb rain water instead of losing it to drains, they reduce noise pollution and provide an essential habitat for wildlife.The simplest living wall can be made using plant pots hung in formation on the vertical surface, or for something more sophisticated, try installing modular, hydroponic panels which will water and feed your plants electronically.

Set the Scene with foliage

The front garden, the side gate, the balcony, all these areas are on permanent view to the world at large, so give everyone something good looking and interesting to look at, all year round.

Lovely-Hanging-Basket-IdeasUtilize these garden designing ideas to add beauty to the outdoors of your house. Redrocks Group, Builders and Developers in Mangalore offers luxurious villas in Mangalore with great garden spaces. If you want to purchase a house in the golden city, you must have a look at the Villas in Mangalore.

Why should you invest on Villas and Plots in Mangalore

plotA sl
ope of development have helped Mangalore City to become one of the most sought after residential catchment areas in south India. Although its strategic location and its close proximity of development to cities like Bangalore have helped to establish realty demand here – the upcoming Residential development in Villas, Flats and Plots in Mangalore has become one of the major factors that is creating a boom in Mangalore’s real estate marketiMangalore is taunted as an area blooming into a commercial space and is famous for several landmarks of the city like the temples, heritage sites, educational institutes, hospitals, shopping malls, tourist place, International airport, IT park which totally attracts the beauty of City make everyone to have their own plots in Mangalore. Localities like Alape, Bajpe, Yeyyadi, Kulshekar,  Derebail become target place for people who wants have their own house in Mangalore. As main characteristic most of the villas in Mangalore have their own private pool. The architecture, the design and the decoration of the villas in Mangalore are the elements that mainly allow us to consider a villa as luxurious which I already explained in previous blog that Why we should invest in Mangalore Villas. Here I will give brief about why we should invest Plots in Mangalore.

Buy the Best Plots in Mangalore at Best Location

When one considers the resale value of the house especially in Mangalore, most people who are looking for an independent house with their own plots in Mangalore prefer to buy a plot and construct their own house as opposed to buying a built house. However, with the cost of construction and land escalating, there are buyers for building independent houses too. In case of a house, the value will have a direct correlation with the amenities within the house and accessibility around it. As every aspect of the construction on a plot of land is closely monitored by the home-owner, it is generally of the best quality possible within his budget. A plot of land affords the buyer the choice of building the house to his own liking. Everything can be tailored to suit his specific requirement, taste and budget. In case of flats, the value of the property rises as the demand for flats within the colony rises. Still Flats in Mangalore has got more importance because of scarcity of Land or plot in Mangalore as well as growing generation and development of a City attracted people to choose Flats in Mangalore which I already explained in previous blog.

dreHands that shape the future that can shape the plots too. Presenting luxurious Redrocks Hilltop and Redrocks Blueberry Hills offers you the best Plots in Mangalore. Other than that Redrocks also offers beautiful Plots in Mangalore with various location like Derebail, Bajpe, Kulshekar and Shakthi Nagar plots with well developed compound walls. Plots that will give you the freedom of designing your plot or house in your way. If you are some one who lkes these things then this is what you have been wating for. And with landscape, we aim to repeat history. Because that’s where tomorrow is tapping and with REDROCKS ultimate quality that’s further leads to rise of world-class amenities and specification in the surrounding areas, these plots in Mangalore will be quite the dream to weave. Redrocks Group is indeed made for the unstoppable individual. Someone with a vision and passion to own house or plots in Mangalore, who reaches his destination only to start the journey to the next. Redrocks Builders and Developers in Mangalore will inspire their will and help them achieve every Property dream into reality. To know more Click here

Finding a Affordable Apartments in Mangalore

Couple with laptop.Finding a affordable home is necessary thing nowadays.
Because, with the rising price in realty world, it is always better to save a place for our family to live a better life. Mangalore, being developing City in Karnataka, India is coming up with several residential projects of varied budgets. Choosing the best affordable apartments in Mangalore that meets people priority which is not easy task. Are you looking for a affordable Apartments in Mangalore? then here is a one stop solution. Redrocks Group , a leading Builders and Developers in Mangalore offering your dream apartments in Mangalore with modern amenities and specifications. Apart from luxuries projects, they are also presenting awe-inspiring flats that are available within 40 lakhs, that also in center of City like Yeyyadi, Kulshekar. We have listed few for your reference.

Redrocks Heights

This exquisitely crafted four floor residential apartments in Mangalore with ample car parking, situated in the rapidly developing precincts of Kulshekar, Mangalore, offers its few beautiful residents a privileged lifestyle encompassing some of the best elements of relaxed living. Nestled in calm, quiet and green surroundings, Redrocks Heights is built on contemporary lines without compromise on quality. With ample car park space. Ground level and the upper three levels boast well planned Studio, 1 Bhk and 2 Bhk apartments which are available from 460 – 710 Sq Ft. with quality living. The project which will be ready for possession by December 2015 offers 1 Bhk apartment at an affordable low rate with offer price of 11.99 lakhs and 2 Bhk apartments at 18.99 lakhs. This project truly represents the heights of carefree family living for a select few.

Redrocks Tonalite.

This set in the lush green and beautiful environs of the Blueberry Hills at Yeyyadi, just off the Airport Road, is yet another classy architectural offering from the Redrocks Group. This apartments in Mangalore have G + 4 structures which also built on contemporary lines with subtle hues and a delicately crafted facade. Tonalite boasts easy access and connectivity to all close proximity including educational institutions, business centers, and places of worship and entertainment avenues. This ground plus four floor apartment complex with 40 units offers 1 Bhk apartments for Rs 15.49 lakhs, 2 Bhk apartments for Rs 22.49 lakhs and 3 BHK apartments for 30.49 lakhs. The Squre Feet Ranges from 500 – 750.

Redrocks Green Woods

Located at Yeyyadi, Off Airport Road, Green Woods offers budgeted studio apartments in Mangalore at an incredulously affordable price of Rs 6.99 Lakhs and that too with all the amenities. The project, which is located in the close vicinity of the Derebail Church offers value for money as it gives an opportunity for the dwellers to earn guaranteed rental income from the day they purchase the apartment. With close proximity to infrastructure and civic amenities, Green Woods offers Residential Apartments in Mangalore includes studio, 1 Bhk apartment priced 15.49 Lakhs also 2 Bhk and 3 Bhk apartments are available at a rate of 21.99 to 33.99 Lakhs.

Redrocks Estancia

Located in the most prestigious and sought after area on Airport Road, this is a luxury Flats in Mangalore project promoted by Redrocks. It consists of only 12 apartments with four flats in each floor thus offering the much needed privacy to the inhabitants. The project will have exclusive features like home theatre, entrance lobby, gymnasium, children’s play area, recreation hall, elevators, power back up and other features to provide a luxuriant and cozy lifestyle to the residents. Nestled in the serene locales of Mangaluru and blessed with loads of natural beauty, In this project Flats are starting from 20.49 Lakhs to 32.99 Lakhs consist of 1 BHK, 2 BHK Flats.

Redrocks LillyDale

This is another option of Redrocks group that offers luxury Flats For Sale in Mangalore with affordability. Located at the well connected Kulshekar, this pre-launch project offers all the amenities. The project consists of 42 apartments in a low rise 4 floored apartment complex. The project which will be ready for possession by March 2016 offers Studio apartments starting from 6.99 Lakhs, 1 Bhk apartment at an astoundingly affordable rate of Rs 13.99 lakhs and 2 Bhk apartments at Rs 19.99 lakhs.

These Apartments in Mangalore have well modern amenities with all perfect specification. This perfectly suits for people who have dream to own their beautiful home.


  • Centrex facility.

  • Gymnasium.

  • Reticulated gas connection.

  • Children’s play area.

  • Fire fighting System.

  • Generator backup for lift & common area.

  • Recreation hall on terrace with lift facility

Offering a true mix of quality with affordability, the Redrocks tagline – “Domicile homes for all” – continues to be our inspiration. Redrocks projects offer a wide choice, from studio apartments to plots and luxury villas along with luxury Apartments in Mangalore, with a unique opportunity for a modern family to make their lifelong dream of owning their own home, a reality. To know more click here 

Want To Live in Luxury Life? Buy the Best Flat in Mangalore Offered By Redrocks Group

bedDon’t we all know the famous saying ‘Home is where the heart is‘ because in our houses we are comfortable being ourselves. We can decorate it the way we would love it to reflect our personality. Owning a House or Flat in Mangalore is one dream that most people love to fulfill because of the city’s amazing weather and cosmopolitan culture.

flatMangalore is one of the most preferred destinations among corporates to start off corporate offices in India. The pleasurable weather, lifestyles which are comparable to global ones and improvement in connectivity of the infrastructure has made Mangalore a heaven to new homeowners. Most people moving to the city to work decide to stay back and buy properties. Every year, a large number of people move to the city that needs rental properties as well. This has led to a rapid growth of the real estate sector.

kitchenAs a reason, Redrocks Builders and Developers Mangalore, one of the leading Real Estate Developers came up with number of projects providing Best Flats in Mangalore near center location like Yeyyadi, Kulshekar etc with their beautiful architecture design and amenities in a affordable price. Located at good location, the Best Flats in Mangalore has lots of greenery around it , it will be a relaxing oasis for people who will buy these flats. No need to spend time stuck in traffic jams, you can now reduce your commute time. There are hospitals nearby so that you don’t have to rush far in case of medical emergencies. Schools and Famous famous colleges are near by distances. Our Residential Apartments in Mangalore, the choice is not between affordability and luxury, but it is an abode that gives both along with amazing connectivity nearby schools, colleges, hospitals, market, shopping mall, bank, etc making it easy to commute to work. Luxury properties are incomplete without high-end amenities, Redrocks Properties offers all the amenities and facilities necessary for the modern day living in an area that is a quaint balance of undisturbed greenery and low density residential development .

Estancia-Flats-for-sale-MangaloreRedrocks Builders offering Best Apartment for Sale in Mangalore. None of the flats share a common wall with the neighbours. All the flats have 24 hour power back up facility. Each block has lifts for the use of residents. Each flat has the right kind of fittings in bathrooms, kitchen, doors and windows. A lot of attention has been paid to the little things that matter. We provided various other luxury facilities inside the Apartments like Water-proof treatment for sunken slab, Pressure checked plumbing and drainage lines to ensure total leak proof toilets, Flush valve for commodes, Hot and cold mixer unit for all bathrooms, Wall mounted commodes in toilet, Anti- skid tiles for toilet floor and colored ceramic tiles for walls up to 7 feet height, Exhaust fan provision. Thoughtfully several points of electric plugs have been provided.

greenwoods-flats-in-mangaloreThere are proper parking spaces for cars. Each flat has its own parking space. The municipal provisions for fire safety have been observed. The staircases are spacious ,well ventilated and lighted. There is a lovely play area for children where young and old children can congregate and play safely without any risk. The kitchen of each apartments provided with facilities like Granite platform with bullnozing, Stainless steel washing sink, Adequate power points and exhaust fan provision, Provision for water purifier near the sink, Plumbing and drainage connection for washing machine in work area, Power point for washing machine/ grinder. For health conscious people there are well equipped gyms. There are paths to walk surrounded by greenery. . These facilities contribute towards making the Flats of Redrocks Group a Best Flats in Mangalore.

lillydale-Apartments-MangaloreThis flat in Mangalore by Redrocks is not only beautiful house for sale in Mangalore; the luxury spreads beyond that providing a healthy as well as a lively environment that would cherish every occasion in the lap of nature along with the state of the art lifestyle. Well designed and built with quality materials, the studio, 1 BHK, 2 BHK, 3 BHK flats in Mangalore by REDROCKS GROUP will really elevate your lifestyle.

All these amenities and more make the REDROCKS Flats the best Flats in Mangalore. If you are looking for a suitable place to own in Mangalore, REDROCKS is a good choice. You can book an appointment at our sales office for a visit or you can walk in at any time. The staff at REDROCKS Developers would gladly show you around. You can look for yourself how peaceful, with all the facilities and amenities the REDROCKS GROUP really offers. To know more click here